Tom Shue
Mr. Shue
Vital statistics
Name Thomas Shue
Age 40's-50's
Gender Male
Ethnicity Black/ African American
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Personality Serious, not fun, mean, gruffy, stand-offish, uninterested, nice, and caring
First appearance "The Taming of Mr. Shue"
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Mr. Tom Shue is a character from Maya & Miguel. He is a substitue math teacher. He was filling in for Mrs. Langley, who went on maternity leave.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mr Shue looks to be black/ "African American." He has light brown skin, curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses. At first he was shown wearing a green shirt, then he changed to wearing a light blue shirt and next switched to a darker blue shirt with some orange on it, and then switched back to wearing a blue shirt. He also wears a light brown pair of pants and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Mr. Shue seems much more serious and not nearly as much fun as Mrs. Langley. He seemed to be mean, gruffy, stand-offish, and uninterested in anything other than math, claiming he didn't have a favorite sport, color, animal, movie, even ice cream. He later, however, softened up when the students he presided over showed him interest their interest in math (or at least put on a show of being interested in math, which later they started to really be so) in order to win him over. He was even asked to be an advisor for a Math Club (later the "Math and Muffin Club" as Mr. Shue renamed it) the students came up with. Mr. Shue was disappointed when he later found out what the kids were really up to. But actually, Mr. Shue is a nice and caring person and after Maya, Miguel, and their friends explained what happened, though they had to sort of trick him again, Mr. Shue's nice and soft side reappeared.

He likes muffins with cream cheese frosting, which is baked by Celia Lopez, the niece of Baker and Former-Wrestler Gus. Cecelia and Mr. Shue seem to be good friends and enjoy conversing regularly.

Episode Appearance Edit

  • The Taming of Mr. Shue
  • Crushed (Cameo)

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Shue owns a green car
  • He can tell jokes
  • Mr. Shue does a victory dance whenever a student solves a math problem correctly.

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