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Alberto "Tito" Chávez is a character in Maya & Miguel who is Maya and Miguel's seven-year-old cousin who moved to the U.S. from Mexico with his parents. He lives in the same apartment complex.

He admires his cousin Miguel. He admires Miguel so much that he even tried to copy him, to Miguel's flattery, in the episode I've Got to be Miguel. He also looks up to Maya and sometimes gets shy without her around. He loves to play soccer and is a big fan of a wrestler named El Guamazo Lopez, (Gus Lopez) the "greatest luchador" from Mexico City. Tito is voiced by Candi Milo & Mike West.

Physical Appearance[]

Tito is a small Hispanic boy with tan complexion, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a green T-shirt, beige khakis and red and white sneakers.


  • It could be possible that Tito's real name is Alberto.
  • His voice on the PBS Kids website sounds different than in the TV series.
  • He has some trouble with the English language and has an accent. As shown in the episode Give Me a Little Sign, he has trouble saying the words "yellow" (pronouncing it as "jellow,") and "fish" (prouncing it as "feech")
  • His female counterpart is Alberta Chavez (Girl Tito), although it is never appeared in the Maya & Miguel fanart.

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