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Theodore "Theo" McEwen is a character in Maya & Miguel. He is Miguel's best friend.


He is African-American. Theo loves sports as much as Miguel but sometimes they get into arguments. Theo often gets A's in his classes because he is very smart. He is seen using gadgets which portrays him as a techno-wiz. Theo is often the voice of reason among his friends. He is also shorter then most characters

Physical Appearance[]

Theo has brown skin, curly black hair, and brown eyes. He usually wears a blue shirt with white sleeves and the number 2 in white, khaki pants and green and white sneakers.

He is athletic and enjoys playing basketball with his friends Miguel and Andy. He also enjoys dancing, doing karate and playing soccer.

Theo dressed as the Chupacabra in the episode, "Tito's Pet"


  • Though Theo's shirt is mostly blue, he was shown wearing the same kind of shirt, only the blue part was green.
  • Theo knows a little American Sign Language as revealed in "Give me a Little Sign"
  • Theo is an athletic and technology-oriented boy.
  • Theo's Birthday is June 26, 1994.


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