The Wrestler Next Door
Season 2, Episode 10
Air Date February 18, 2005
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A new neighbor moves into the apartment building: Señor Gus Lopez, who is opening a new bakery in town. Tito is certain that Señor Lopez is actually "El Guamazo Lopez," a famous Mexican masked wrestler. He tries to prove it to a skeptical Maya and Miguel...but when they see some intriguing evidence, they decide to help Tito find out the truth. The three of them, along with Abuela Elena's help, try to uncover Señor Lopez' secret past...but even putting him face-to-face with the masked wrestler's nemesis doesn't manage to reveal him. Finally, when an old piece of baking equipment goes on the fritz, Señor Lopez must fight the mechanical beast using El Guamazo Lopez's signature wrestling move. Tito is vindicated. Señor Lopez finally admits to having been the famous wrestler in the past, but it's more important for him to be known as a good baker from now on.