The Adventures of Rabbit-Bird Man
Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date February 16, 2005
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Miguel enters a comic book contest and creates an original comic book loosely based on Aztec mythology entitled "The Adventures of Rabbit-Bird Man." But before he can finish it, he comes down with a bad cold. Miguel has left the hero in grave jeopardy, and he implores Maya to finish the comic book and save him. Maya rounds up the gang to help her think of a way to save the hero from the bad guy. In a series of vignettes, we see each kid's proposed ending: Tito imagines a heroic soccer player (who looks just like him) saving the day, Theo pitches a robot boy (who looks just like him) saving the day, and Maggie and Chrissy imagine a fantastic singing duo (who look just like them) saving the day. With the clock ticking and no clear ending, Maya decides that they should combine all of their endings together, and make one grand finale.