Team Santos
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date May 5, 2005
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Maya accidentally sets off an air horn during an important soccer play, ruining Miguel's kick and losing the game for him. Feeling terrible, she embarks upon a plan to cheer him up. If he could only win the big carnival competition, he'd feel a lot better... and also perhaps forgive Maya. Unfortunately, the carnival competition pits Miguel against the soccer player who beat him in the previous game... and all his athletic brothers. Maya and Miguel must compete against them with the only family members at their disposal: Abuela Elena, Tito, and Paco. Maya's plan is unraveling; there's no way they can win against the other team. But Abuela Elena points out that there's more to competing than just winning. It's also important to have fun. It turns out that Abuela was a ringer all along, and with her help, they win the carnival competition.