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Soccer Mom
Season 2, Episode 7
Air Date February 11, 2005
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When Maya and Miguel's Soccer Coach leaves to be a Professional Player and unable to find a new coach, Maya decides to let Rosa, their mother to be the coach, Unfortunately, Miguel does not like it one bit.


When Maya and Miguel's soccer coach leaves to become a professional player, the gang is left without a coach. A frantic search for a new coach is unsuccessful. Finally, Maya notices that her mom is a fairly adept player… perhaps she should be the new coach! Rosa is talked into the idea. Rosa turns out to be an excellent coach, and all the kids love her… except Maya and Miguel don’t like the two parts of their lives crossing over like this. Rosa keeps telling stories about them and calling them cute names that are embarrassing! They ask Rosa to step down as coach, which she agrees to do. But when they realize that they don’t play as well without her, Maya and Miguel beg her to come back and help them before a big game. Rosa declines. During the game, Maya and Miguel’s team is losing badly, so the new coach turns to Rosa for a little inspiration. Rosa gives the team a pep talk and some coaching from the sidelines, and the gang wins! In the end, Maya and Miguel learn to be proud of their mom and that it's okay to occasionally let her embarrass them.

Rose a foot massager


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