Paging Dr. Maya
Season 5, Episode 7
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Good Luck Paco
The Battle of the Birthdays



When a break from school comes, everyone looks forward to frittering away the days doing something fun and enjoyable. Maya's idea of "fun and enjoyable" is helping people. She tries to volunteer at the Community Center bingo game, but ends up accidentally wreaking havoc. When one of the bingo players recommends Maya volunteer for his daughter, Dr. DasGupta the veterinarian, Maya jumps at the chance. She has a special bond with animals, after all. But when Maya mishears a conversation Dr. DasGupta is having, she mistakenly believes that Dr. DasGupta is going out of business. Eager to help her favorite vet, Maya launches a campaign to draw more business to Dr. DasGupta's clinic...which works a little too well. Soon even elephants are lining up for treatment. Dr. DasGupta is mortified...she wasn't planning on going out of business, she was planning on going on vacation. Fortunately, it all works out in the end when Maya calls in Dr. DasGupta's father, who is also a veterinarian.