Mr Nguyen
Mr. Nguyen 01
Vital statistics
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Age 30's
Gender Male
Ethnicity Asian or Asian-American
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Personality Good and Smart
First appearance Teacher's Pet
Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui
Mr. Nguyen is one of Maya and Miguel's teachers.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mr. Nguyen looks to be of Asian descent, possibly Asian-American. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is seen wearing a light yellow dress-shirt with a pocket carrying a red pen and a bluish-green pen, a dark red neck tie, and blue pants with a black belt.

Like the Santos family, Mr. Nguyen also has a pet parrot, except his is female. His parrot is named "Minh."

 Episode Appearances Edit

  • Teacher's Pet (first appearance)
  • Miguel' Wonderful Life
  • Paper Girl
  • After School
  • I Love Maya (final appearance)

Trivia Edit

  • Mr Nguyen once had to give Maggie detention.
  • Mr. Nguyen might be of a Vietnamese descent, because "Nguyen" is a common Vietnamese surname, and his parrot is named "Minh", which is a Vietnamese name (which, ironically, is a boy's name, and Minh is a female parrot). 

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