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Maya Santos is one of the main protagonists of Maya & Miguel and is the energetic twin sister of Miguel. She is very caring toward her friends and family, yet she is known to meddle and sometimes make a bigger mess! In every episode, either Maya, her friends, or her family will have a problem, and Maya comes up with a way to solve the problem. But, things don't usually go as she expects, so her twin brother, Miguel, usually comes to help.

Maya has two best friends, Chrissy and Maggie, who dub themselves "Las Tres Amigas", which translates to “The Three Friends”. She is also good friends with Theo and Andy and treats her little cousin Tito like a little brother.


Maya is very caring and kind. She is shown to be ready to help someone in trouble, whether it be her friends of family members or someone she just met. Things don't always go as she plans, so her twin brother, Miguel, comes to help sometimes. Maya has a close relationship with her friends and family members. She is shown to be excellent about thinking ideas. When she thinks of one, her hairband lights up. She also says "Eso es!", which translates to "That's it!" in Spanish, and usually follows it up with "tengo una idea" which translates to "That's it! I have an idea!". One episode "The Bet" shows that her hair bobbles will not stop spinning and glowing until she says "Eso Es".

She is also prone to very loud snoring, such as in "Maya and Miguel, Come on Down!," "The Red Jacket," and "I Love Maya."

Physical Appearance[]

She has dark umber-brown eyes, and long rust-brown hair tied up into a ponytail with curtain-like and two long big leaf-like bangs. She wears light yellow studded earrings, orange and pastel orange shoes with white short platforms, white ankle-high socks, an orange sweater with a pastel orange stripe with yellow flowers on it, a thin black necklace/strap with a pink heart on it, pastel blue long jeans, and has pink hair bobbles that light up in her ponytail.


  • In the theme song, the original lyrics were "He leads with his head and she follows her heart", implying Miguel is the leader, but Maya goes with what her heart says. However, later episodes change the line to "They make a great team as they each do their part".
  • Maya is the first character to speak in the show.


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