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Margaret "Maggie" Lee is a character in Maya & Miguel who is Maya's Chinese-American best friend. She is a 12 year old, bright 7th grader looking forward to become an aspiring fashion designer. She is very dramatic, fashionable and talented. She enjoys being apart of Maya's awesome "Eso es" idea's and always has a plan, As she infrequently disagrees with Maya's ideas. She loves dancing, cooking and cheerleading. She is learning Spanish from Maya and Miguel's grandmother

Physical Appearance[]

Maggie has pretty dark umber-raisin-brown eyes and straight black long hair with thin gray highlights, curtain-like bangs on the right side of her head with light yellow bow hairclips. She wears ruby studded earrings, red sleeveless shirt with light yellow polka dots, maroon knee-length lamp-like skirt and red tennis shoes with light yellow stripes on it, with white laces with thin white platforms.


  • While the show makes her household seem to be only of her and her parents, according to the PBS' Maya and Miguel website where you can ask characters questions, Maggie's answer to the first question, which was about if Maggie spoke Mandarin at home, is that, while they do speak Chinese from time to time, Maggie, her parents, and her sister speak English at home. This has never been proven, since her sister has never been shown in the series, nor denied, as Maggie has never said she was a only child before, she's just never brought any topics about having siblings.
  • Maggie can sometimes be bossy, as seen in the episode "Friends Forever?".


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