Lupe Johnson is a minor character in Maya and Miguel. He is very emotional and immature for his age.
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Physical Appearance Edit

Lupe Johnson is a biracial boy with light brown or tan skin, brown eyes and brown curly hair. He is a mix of African American and Hispanic nationality. He is related to Tito's friend Marco.

Episode Appearances Edit

  • "Teacher's Pet" In the Library and later in Mrs. Langley's room showing off his Macaroni and gets upset when Paco ate all of it .
  • "Prince Tito" Participates as a servant in "The Doubtful Prince"
  • "Politics Unusual" Supports and Votes for Simon, and tries to enjoy Maggie's new food and dislikes it. Later he is seen in the debate exhibiting radical behavior.
  • "An Okri-Dokey Day" Drives a Bumper car and almost crashes it. Later on, he rides on the Rollercoaster.
  • "Team Santos" Loses Tug-of-war to Mr. Santos and becomes upset.
  • "Tito's Pet" Invited to see Tito's "Chupacabra" and wets his pants when he sees the Chupacabra in Tito's window.

Additional Information Edit

Lupe is one of Mrs. Langley's students and possibly his step-mother.

He is 10 years old in Middle School. He cries when Paco (Maya's pet parrot) messes up his maccaroni artwork.

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"Somebody took all of my macaroni! (looks at maya desperately running out the classroom) "

"I'm telling my mom!"

"If I give you a dollar will you be my friend?!"