La Nueva Cocinita
Season 1, Episode 6
La nueva cocinita
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La Nueva Concinita is the sixth episode from Season 1 of Maya & Miguel. It aired on October 18, 2004 on PBS.

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While Maya and Miguel are searching with their Abuela Elena for treasures through her seemingly bottomless trunk of memories, they happen upon an old menu from her defunct restaurant "La Cocinita." She rhapsodizes dreamily about the menu - summoning magical concoctions with mystical powers that can cure an ill-tempered grouch. After a walk around the neighborhood, they see grumpiness and general disharmony everywhere, and Maya quickly decides that not only Abuela Elena, but the whole neighborhood is in need of a New Cocinita to bring happiness and harmony to everyone with the magic of the old recipes. Enlisting her friends to be the kitchen and wait staff, Maya prepares for the big opening night over Miguel's steady stream of protests and warnings. Of course, Maya and her crew soon get in over their heads...

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Maya & Miguel: Twice the Fun (September 15 2005)

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Maya and Miguel La Nueva Cocinita

Maya and Miguel La Nueva Cocinita