Hector is a minor or background character that appears on Maya and Miguel

Hector 01B

Physical Appearance Edit

Hector is a 10 year old boy with light brown skin, (possibly Hispanic/Latino) with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a darker tan shirt with beige looking trims, and a red lightning bolt in a white oval.

Episode Appearances Edit

  • Teacher's Pet
  • Politics Unusual - He supports Simon for President. He tries to enjoy Maggie's new lunch food, but says that it "tastes like chalk." and is seen for the debate.
  • Hector is often daydreaming in Mrs. Langley's class and doesn't pay attention while she calls on him to answer questions in class.

Trivia/ Additional Information Edit

Hector was seen in Mrs. Langley's classroom so it is possible he is one of her students.

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"Tastes like chalk!" Politics Unusual.