Gus Lopez
Vital statistics
Name Augustus Lopez
Age late 30's-early 40's
Ethnicity Hispanic
Residence Apartment building
Relatives Celia Lopez (niece)
Personality good, protecting, caring, tough and brave
First appearance "The Wrestler Next Door"
Voiced by Erik Estrada

Augustus "Gus" Lopez (also called Señor. Lopez) is a baker and a former wrestler known as El Guamazo Lopez. Gus is currently living in a apartment complex next door to twins Maya and Miguel Santos. Their cousin, Tito Chávez is Gus' biggest fan. Gus is voiced by Erik Estrada.

Gus was born in Mexico City where he grew up to be a wrestler under the name El Guamazo Lopez, known for his catchphrase Always keep your cool!, his signature move, the ultra super mega El Guamazo especial, and for fighting his arch rival Sinister Sombrero. After retiring from wrestling, Gus moved to the U.S. and began pursuing his dream of being a baker where he owns a bakery with his niece Celia Lopez. Aside from baking, Gus has great physical prowess as evidenced when he has the strength to pick up a large stack of newspapers in Everyday is Earth Day and his own piano in The Wrestler Next Door. In that same episode, Tito mentioned that Gus once threw a monster he fought out of the ring and into the sky and it was never seen again.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Gus was born with a lunar birthmark on his chest and a mole on his chin. He is of muscular built, has brown hair, blue eyes, a curly mustache, and a goate.

As a baker, Gus wears a white cap with a white apron, a short green shirt with blue pants and purple shoes. After work, Gus wears a red jacket with a white shirt underneath, green pants and red shoes. On formal occasions, Gus wears a white tuxuedo, white shoes and a white hat with a pink collar. When he was a wrestler, Gus wore a yellow cape matching the color of his boots and an orange mask that also matched the color of his outfit.


  • El Guamazo is spanish for The Guamazo. Guamazo is spanish for punch, blow, hard blow, clout, and slug.
  • Since the piano that Gus moved belongs to him, it is assumed that Gus knows how to play music.
  • Gus is one of the strongest characters in Maya & Miguel, the other being Sinister Sombrero.

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