Coachy is the gym teacher at Maya and Miguel's school. He is the son of Brick the monster Johnson. He don’t live up to his father. He is sucks at sports. He is sad for this. It causes him to fall off the tallest building of Hapon. Tragic as a tampon.

Coach Dombrowski 002A

Physical Appearance Edit

Coachy is a male adult with dark blond hair and blue eyes. He seems heavy-set in weight. He wears a yellow long-sleeve hoodie, mostly red shorts with some yellow on them and a pair of dark gray footwear. He has an army cut like his father Brick”

Personality Edit

Coachy is said to be nice but is also said to be "wacky." He is not very good at playing, let alone coaching, soccer. His father has attempted to murder him. He is a disappointment to Brick. Turf TURF!

Episode Appearances Edit

  • Soccer Mom

.Brick the Monster

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