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Christine "Chrissy" Lum is a character in Maya & Miguel. She is Maya's Dominican-American best friend. She is 11 years old, and a confident sixth-grader. She is very sensitive and level-headed (sometimes she can also be gullible).


Chrissy sometimes points out the flaws in Maya's plans, similar to Miguel. She likes cheerleading, cats, and the color pink. She is voiced by Beth Payne

She's also an animal lover. She loves animals, but hates and fears rats. When she sees a rat, she shrieks an ear-piercing wail in fear.

Physical Appearance[]

She has long dark umber hair with thin gray highlights, curtain-like bangs on the right side of her head with a pink headband and dark brown eyes. She wears a pink jacket over a white T-shirt, a light yellow square-shaped collar, a yellow skirt, light yellow small hoop earrings and bright jam Mary Jane shoes with white short platforms.


Chrissy's Birthday is June 12th, 1993.


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