Abuelo Elena
Vital statistics
Name Elena Chavez
Age 67 Born 1937
Gender Female
Ethnicity Hispanic
Residence Apartment Complex
Relatives Maya Santos (granddaughter}
Miguel Santos (grandson)
Santiago Santos (son-in-law)
Rosa Santos (daughter)
Ernesto Chavez (son)
Tito Chavez (grandson)
Personality Good, caring, sweet, kind, and loving
First appearance "Mala Suerte"
Voiced by Lupe Ontiveros
Abuela Elena is a character from Maya and Miguel. She is Maya and Miguel's grandma and is from Mexico. Abuela's husband passed away.

Physical Appearance Edit

Abuela has grey hair, brown eyes, and wear's a blue vest with a yellow dress and brown shoes. She is 67 years old.

Cooking Edit

Abuela is an excellent cook, she keeps a cookbook with special recipes. She used to cook misadventure late husband.