Synopsis Edit

Santiago Santos makes a commercial for Santos Pet Store and Maya might just have an idea.

Plot Edit

It starts off at the dinner table with Rosida making some dinner. Then Santiago comes in and wants some dinner, then he kisses everyone and tells his family that he's got a commercial job for his pet store. Then Maya shows them a "real commercial" that they can use with special effects and all that jazz. Then Santiago gets the idea that he can make a commercial. Then Maya wonders if she and Miguel can watch the rehearsal for it, But it isn't what she expect it to be. Then Maya gets the idea that she should help him with Pizzazz and stuff. (CUT TO THE NEXT DAY). Then Paco's in the bathroom doing some things with objects in the bathroom then maya walks up her dad with things and then they begin to start their day and Santiago gets mad at paco for putting the shaving cream in the thing and they Paco messes up breakfast and all he wants to do is be in the commercial. Later on Maya and the gang begin shooting the Ad for the store but it then turns out to be a disaster when they watch the commercial. Of course Paco then has a dream where he is being treated as a famous bird. Then Maya has another idea then Fabian comes over and starts helping out with nice smiles at the beginning when they see him.Tito then remembers Fabian and they stuff that he did with him the "Prince Tito". Things then happen and Maya is still feeling good about what has happen but then Santiago is like this is not the true me and they decide to make it the way he wanted it all along.. the end.